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Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice: Re-Shaping Professional Identity in Counselling Psychology

Sandra Collins

What you are viewing is a preview of the e-book, Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice: Re-Shaping Professional Identity in Counselling Psychology, by Sandra Collins. The book was published on December 1, 2018, and orders can be placed through the publisher, Counselling Concepts.

The purpose of this preview is to provide you with a glimpse into the unique, interactive features of the e-book. Unlike many e-books, which are essentially digital copies of print materials, this book has been designed from the outset as an interactive product that encourages readers to navigate the content and manage their learning in nonlinear ways. The book functions like a self-contained website. This sample site provides only a small glimpse into the level of interactivity within the e-book itself.

As a starting place, please be sure to click on the Contents (upper left of your screen) then Front Matter links to access the following materials, which are directly linked below. You can use the back arrow on your browser to return to this page, or you can select your preferred destination from the Contents.

In addition to the front matter of the e-book, I have included a portion of the first chapter, which introduces you to the culturally responsive and socially just (CRSJ) counselling model. This model forms the foundation for the e-book. To enhance the transparency of the model and to encourage an interactive, nonlinear approach to learning, I conducted a content analysis of all of the practice examples and case studies provide by other contributors. Towards the end of the sample content from Chapter 1, I demonstrate the outcomes of this content analysis in the form of a table that links readers to applied practice examples for each of the key concepts in the model.

I have provided a few excerpts from the e-book on the Sample E-Book Content page. The primary purpose of this content is to demonstrate how the links in the expanded CRSJ competency table at the end of Chapter 1 function to connect you to specific content in the e-book. It also provides samples of the kind of conceptual and applied practice materials in the e-book. One of the great advantages of using only e-book format is that I have been able to provide a large volume of content in a way that is interesting, creative, and manageable for the reader.

The sample Enhanced, Interactive Glossary (located in the Back Matter section) is intended to give you a brief glimpse into the extensive glossary provided in the e-book. This alone is a valuable resource for students and instructors, because it ties the key concepts from the CRSJ counselling model to its professional literature base. I have also found that terms are sometimes used without critical reflection or clear definition in many books and journal articles, and that this can cause confusion for readers. This glossary is intended to make my meanings transparent and to point to similarities and differences in how the terms are used elsewhere.

Finally, the Why Should I Choose This E-Book? page lists the unique features of this book with a view to helping you, as a counsellor educator or practitioner, decide if the book offers you what you are looking for to support your course design or your own professional development.


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