Book Title: Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice (PREVIEW)

Subtitle: Re-Shaping Professional Identity in Counselling Psychology

Author: Sandra Collins

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In response to the emergent focus in the counselling profession on cultural inclusivity, the social determinants of health, and social justice, I have articulated a model of culturally responsive and social just (CRSJ) counselling that supports anti-oppressive and values-based practice. The e-book is positioned to fill a gap in teaching and learning by elucidating specific learning outcomes and key concepts for each of the six domains and eighteen core competencies in the CRSJ counselling model. The model provides a conceptual framework for walking learners through how client and counsellor cultural identities and relationalities, social locations, lived experiences, and sociocultural contexts may impact the counsellor–client relationship, the process of multicultural case conceptualization, the co-construction of goals, and the levels of intervention targeted through collaborative change processes. The model invites theoretical and methodological flexibility through in-depth understanding of, and responsiveness to, the unique and contextualized needs, values, and worldview of each client, and includes meso and macrolevel change processes aimed at schools, organizations, and communities and at broader social, economic, and political systems respectively. The e-book is greatly enhanced by a diverse range of client stories and applied practice examples from other contributors.


Sandra Collins


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Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice (PREVIEW)
Sandra Collins
Chris Fox
Sandra Collins

Embracing Cultural Responsivity and Social Justice. Copyright © 2018 by Sandra Collins.

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Collins, Sandra D. (Sandra Dawn), 1962-, author
Embracing cultural responsivity and social justice : re-shaping
professional identity in counselling psychology / Sandra Collins.

ISBN 978-0-9738085-2-0 (EPUB)

1. Cross-cultural counseling.  2. Counseling psychology.
3. Minorities–Counseling of.  4. Psychotherapy.  5. Social
Justice–Psychological aspects.  6. Multiculturalism–Psychological
aspects.  I. Title.

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December 1, 2018
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